Philipp Vergés

Since he was 16, Swiss expat Philipp Vergés has wished for a camera built into his head to capture life's priceless and fleeting daily moments. However, since nanotechnology lagged desperately behind his hopes, he started to take photos about 3 years later. You never know what you will see on Phil's photoblog – from the mundane, to the exceptional, and everything in between. View Philipp's profile.

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Mark Fleming

His photos are often exciting, usually dramatic, and always provoke discussion. His abilities extend beyond the camera and into the digital darkroom where he's been featured in several magazines and on the front page of Photoshop User. All this from a young, self-taught photographer. View Mark's profile.

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Mark Andrew

Through a series of journalistic photographs, Mark's recent "Katrina Hangover” project illustrates the plight and triumphs of a forgotten community. As father whose children live in New Orleans and were directly affected by Hurricane Katrina, Mark is a daily witness to its continued aftermath long after society has moved forward… View Mark's profile.

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