Jamie Traynor

Jamie TraynorIt might come as a surprise to hear that Jamie only began taking a serious interest in photography a couple of years ago. She bought her first DSLR and joined PixyBlog soon after, partly to motivate herself to use her new camera. Since then she has been one of our most prolific posters, achieving her ambitious goal of posting at least 5 photos per week for an entire year.

Regardless of whether she is photographing colourful cityscapes on her way to and from work in Boston, or picture-postcard scenes of the picturesque New England countryside, it is a tribute to her keen artistic eye that she produces high quality captures so consistently, be it with her Digital Rebel, point and shoot, or even an iPhone!

Jamie sees her photoblog as a journey, learning about photography as well as herself along the way. It has been a joy to follow this journey, in her photos and in her writing, where she graciously shares her techniques and ideas. Follow her latest adventures on JETeye

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