Kevin Falk

Kevin FalkPhotography has always played an important role in Kevin's life. While growing up and working in his father's pharmacy, he seized the opportunity of buying film at wholesale prices and direct access to a developing lab. When on family outings or celebrating life events, he was never without a camera and his distinctive point of view.

Many of his most cherished personal photographs are the candid portraits he made of grandparents, and other relatives, in their daily lives — at work in their garden or at leisure playing croquet.

Today, portrait photography remains Kevin's primary passion in which he focuses his lens toward the unscripted, natural aspects of life; hence the name OrganicPIX. He values the ease of his pixyBlog account which provides him the opportunity to share his passion of capturing the life around him outside the realm of his professional photography.

His first post to pixyBlog was in March of 2007 and he has maintained a daily posting ever since…  View Kevin's profile.

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