Jamie Traynor

Jamie TraynorIt might come as a surprise to hear that Jamie only began taking a serious interest in photography a couple of years ago. She bought her first DSLR and joined PixyBlog soon after, partly to motivate herself to use her new camera. Since then she has been one of our most prolific posters, achieving her ambitious goal of posting at least 5 photos per week for an entire year.

Regardless of whether she is photographing colourful cityscapes on her way to and from work in Boston, or picture-postcard scenes of the picturesque New England countryside, it is a tribute to her keen artistic eye that she produces high quality captures so consistently, be it with her Digital Rebel, point and shoot, or even an iPhone!

Jamie sees her photoblog as a journey, learning about photography as well as herself along the way. It has been a joy to follow this journey, in her photos and in her writing, where she graciously shares her techniques and ideas. Follow her latest adventures on JETeye

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Jacques Bron

Jacques BronA Parisian now based in Orleans, Jacques Bron's adventures in photography began at an early age when he got his first camera, a Kodak Brownie. As a teenager he learned to develop his own prints, using the family's bathroom as his darkroom, but more recently it is digital photography that has really ignited his passion.

He describes his photoblog as “a kaleidoscope on my life through a camera lens”, and like rotating a kaleidoscope, you're never quite sure what dazzling play of light and colors you will see next. You also never know where he will be photographing from next, as he shares with us the people and places he encounters on his frequent travels around the world.

Aside from his amazing travel and landscape photography, Jacques also delights in revealing the beauty hidden in the mundane and everyday; an old door or a piece of metal, reminding us that beauty is all around us, if only we took the time and care to see it. View Jacques's profile

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Richard Hollingworth

A Yorkshireman living in New Jersey, Richard’s self-effacing and modest writing on his photoblog belies a talented photo artist who has produced some sensational shots.

He first became hooked on photography in his teens when his father would put him in charge of photographing the local airshows he often attended with his family. His fulfilling job and supportive wife, who funds his self-confessed gear lust, mean that while Richard dreams of exhibiting his work, he has no aspirations of becoming a full-time pro.

Richard’s interest in a diverse range of subjects is apparent in his work, but it is in landscapes where he finds the most reward, allowing him to get lost in himself and enjoy the ultimate “me time”. With stunning long exposures, striking sharpness, and some interesting abstracts; even as he shares with us his occasional struggle for creativity, his well-honed technical skills both with camera and post-processing shine through for all to see.

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Eddie McHugh

Eddie McHughDescribing himself as having a creative soul, for many years painting was Eddie McHugh’s preferred form of artistic expression. Later, due to the time constraints of running his own landscaping business, he turned to photography as a more efficient creative outlet. Eddie soon found a new love in photography, with the blend of brevity and artistry being the perfect form of expression for him.

His subject matter is varied and will often feature everyday scenes which most of us would simply pass-by unnoticed. However, with his eye for the creative, Eddie will ingeniously create a stimulating and emotional image from seemingly nothing. Many of his photos exhibit a documentary style which, at times, have a satirical or ironic edge, giving the viewer a glimpse of his light-hearted sense of humour for which he is known.

Eddie lives aboard a houseboat in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where his neighbors include beavers, otters, eagles, heron, seals, bats and every concievable kind of waterfowl. He has a mounting collection of accolades from the US, Canada and Europe. These include exhibits in the LACDA in Los Angeles, the Elements group exhibition in Barcelona, photos in the permanent archives at the Musee d’eLysee in Switzerland, twice finalist at the London Photographic Awards and has photos published in Weird Washington Travel Guide and the Natural Skagit.

The Cliff Walk is a collection of Eddie McHugh’s most recent work. Updated regularly it’s a great source of vivifying images.

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Sheridan Nilsson

Sheridan NilssonBright, vivid and full of life, Sheridan’s photoblog is filled with extraordinary shots of everyday scenes captured on sun drenched Australian beaches. With fantastic composition and colours, each photo is an unabashed celebration of the “sun-loving Aussie way of life” and the deep relationship that Australians have with the beach. Her love of the ocean and the beach shines through in her work, with many shots being from around Bondi and Bronte beaches near her home.

Sheridan currently works producing TV commercials and TV series publicity stills. In recent years her passion for photography has started to take-off. With her own exhibition at a local gallery, sales from stock libraries and top results in photographic competitions; she’s certainly achieved a lot in such a short time.

Sheridan would love to get more commissioned work and just wants to keep shooting. We sincerely hope she does. View Sheridan's profile

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Andrew Parker

Andrew ParkerAndrew’s photoblog showcases an eclectic collection of diverse and occasionally abstract images. Although hailing from England, he currently resides in Oslo, a city which he feels offers everything you could wish for as a photographer. It’s easy to see that he is in love with photography, enjoying it for its own sake, and does not restrict himself to any particular style or genre. He adores the magical feeling of holding his camera in his hand and the thrill of finding things to photograph.

Previously restricted to just evenings and weekends while pursuing a career in IT, Andrew now has the time to devote himself to his photography. He is currently involved with documenting life at the Poorhouse in Oslo, and putting together a book with a talented local poet called Johanna Engen. His dream is to make a living from his photography working for a photo agency. View Andrew's profile

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Sven Seebeck

A professional saxophonist and teacher for popular music, Sven Seebeck has only recently discovered his interest in photography. Since he got his first digital SLR last year he has been making up for lost time by going out shooting whenever he can. His photoblog is filled with dramatic landscapes and outdoor scenes, which are his passion. Of particular note are his enchanting captures of the winter wonderland that has transformed the countryside near his new home in Finland. Being totally self taught, Sven has already made great strides with his photography. But if the best is yet to come, we can hardly wait. View Sven’s profile

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Jan Verbeke

Jan's photoblog features a wide range of subjects from around his native Belgium with some thoughtful and evocative work. Since his childhood, when he first ventured into the world of photography with his trusty “Polaroid Square Shooter 2”, he has always strived to convey emotions through his images. In particular, he loves the thrill that he feels when there is only one chance to capture the perfect image.

Many of Jan's photos are from assignments which are part of his 3 year photography course which he hopes will bring him closer to his ambition of becoming a professional photographer. We think you will agree that he is well on his way. View Jan's profile.

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Kevin Falk

Kevin FalkPhotography has always played an important role in Kevin's life. While growing up and working in his father's pharmacy, he seized the opportunity of buying film at wholesale prices and direct access to a developing lab. When on family outings or celebrating life events, he was never without a camera and his distinctive point of view.

Many of his most cherished personal photographs are the candid portraits he made of grandparents, and other relatives, in their daily lives — at work in their garden or at leisure playing croquet.

Today, portrait photography remains Kevin's primary passion in which he focuses his lens toward the unscripted, natural aspects of life; hence the name OrganicPIX. He values the ease of his pixyBlog account which provides him the opportunity to share his passion of capturing the life around him outside the realm of his professional photography.

His first post to pixyBlog was in March of 2007 and he has maintained a daily posting ever since…  View Kevin's profile.

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Thomas Bouve

Belgian photographer Thomas Bouve has been refining his skills for the last twelve years. He claims he doesn't have a favourite subject and will photograph just about anything (and browsing through his photoblog this becomes quite evident). Expect a high standard of photography and in-depth descriptions… View Thomas' profile.

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